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Sunday, 30 September 2012

.::SSC | 2013 - Details::.

 Fee Particulars For SSC Examinations                                                    

  • Fee For Regular Candidates for all subjects is 125 /-
  • Fee For up-to three or less than three subjects is  110/-
  • Fee For More Than Three Subjects is 125/-
  • Attendance Exemption fee for private candidates with out school study is 650/- in addition to examination fee.  

I. CATEGORIES OF CANDIDATES                                                                                                                                  

a) GENERAL STREAM OF SSC:                                                                       

There are five categories of candidates appearing for SSC Public Examinations, March- 2013. 
1. Regular candidates: Students presently studying X class in Government, Zill Parishad, 
Municipal, Recognised Private Aided, Recognised Unaided and A.P. Residential, APSW 
Res, High Schools, APTW RS.

2. Private Without School Study Candidates: Without School Study  appearing for the first 
time for SSC Public Examinations, March- 2013.

3. Once Failed Candidates: private candidates once failed prior to SSC June-2012.

4. Private candidates: failed in June-2012.

5. Candidates:  from Outside the Country or Outside State of Andhra Pradesh desire to 
appear for SSC Public Examinations, March-2013.

b) SPECIAL STREAMS OSSC:                                                                                   

1. Regular candidates studying X class (OSSC) in OSSC Schools.

2. Private candidates (Once failed).

3. Private candidates (Without School Study).

c) SSC VOCATIONAL COURSE:                                                                               

1. Students who opted SSC of general stream and vocational course appearing for 
vocational subjects for March-2013.

2. Private candidates once failed in vocational subjects.

3. Private candidates passed in Vocational subjects and appearing in failed academic 
subjects such as First Language, Second Language, English, Mathematics, General 
Science, or Social Studies as the case may be.


1. No fee from any Private Candidates without study should be accepted unless and 
until the applicant fully satisfies all the conditions and proper evidences of date of 
birth etc, are produced by him / her as per rules applicable from time to time along 
with photos.  Most important factor is that the spellings in the Name of the 
candidate / Father  / Mother  should invariably be checked since number of 
representations  are being received from the private candidates repeatedly in this 
office for correction in candidate‟s Name / Father‟s name / Mother‟s name and Date of 
birth after issue of the Secondary School Certificates. Further the OMR cum ICR forms of 
the candidates should be filled-in properly and carefully to avoid such mistakes. In some 
cases, only fee is being collected without OMR cum ICR forms. The Headmaster 
should not encourage such bad practices. The prescribed fees, properly filled in OMR 
cum ICR form with photo and all other necessary documents in support of age etc, should 
be accepted at a time only.9
Note: i) It has been noticed that wrong photos were affixed on the OMR cum ICR 
form with the result such candidates result could not be released along with other 
candidates. Such mistakes will be viewed very seriously. Any wanton mischief in 
this regard will lead to prosecution. Therefore the Headmasters are requested to be 
very careful and verify personally each photograph with actual candidate before
signing on the OMR cum ICR form.

      ii)  The Private Without School Study candidates can appear through any 
Recognised High School including Recognized Private Schools and can forward 
their  OMR cum ICRs and MNRs  through  them, as per the Government Memo
No.14863 /  Prog.I / A1/ 2009, dt:  27-08-2009 of  Secondary Education (Prog.I) 

2. All candidates must furnish mobile phone number in the OMR cum ICR form at relevant 
space without fail.

3. The Heads of institutions shall maintain attested copies of the date of birth evidences 
produced by the Private candidates on permanent basis as many candidates are 
approaching for correction of date of birth producing some other evidences.

4. All once failed private candidates shall be insisted to mention the Roll numbers of the 
previous appearance along with Month and Year of Examination in their OMR cum ICR 
forms. The Head of  the  institution  should also maintain records and write the  same 
particulars in MNRs form.  They should obtain their latest original fail memos and 
enclose the same to the MNRs.

5. In the case of private candidates without school study, identification marks shall be 
written after physical verification.

VOCATIONAL CANDIDATES:                                                                                     

01. Single separate sheet of OMR cum ICR form designed in Violet colour is meant for 
Vocational course candidates both regular and private candidates. It shall only be used 
for Vocational candidates appearing for vocational subjects. It consists of details of the 
Vocational Subjects only.

02. Separate MNR has to be prepared in respect of Vocational candidates also as per the 
existing practice duly noting the paper code of Vocational Trade theory and practical in 
the remarks column Ensure that Theory paper code which is noted in MNR and OMR 
cum ICR shall be one and same.

03. In the MNR the Vocational trade theory and practicals have to be necessarily noted in             
Red Ink ball pen without fail for easy identification in the same MNR on the extreme 
right side.

04. The Vocational Candidates have to use and fill up two types of OMR cum ICR forms as 
shown below:-

i) Red Colour OMR cum ICR form - By Regular candidates for appearing FL., SL., TL.,                              
(Shown in the Box on the top of the    Maths, G. Science and S.S only. (i.e other than                                
OMR cum ICR form)    Vocational subject.)

ii) Green colour OMR cum ICR form - By private candidates for appear failed academic                           
(Shown in the box on the top of the    subjects only (other than vocational subject)                                       
OMR cum ICR form)

iii) Violet colour OMR cum ICR form - For appearing only vocational subject both by regular                     
(Shown in the box on the top of the  and private candidates if any.                                                                  
OMR cum ICR form)

iv) The photographs affixed on both the OMR cum ICR forms must relate to one and the 
same candidate.

O.S.S.C CANDIDATES:                                                                                             

01. Single separate sheet of OMR cum ICR form designed in  Blue colour is meant for 
OSSC candidates only.

02. The same OMR cum ICR form is meant for Regular, Private once failed and without 
school study fresh OSSC candidates.

03. Prepare separate MNRs for Regular, without school study, fresh and once failed 

04. Fill up the correct paper code of the subjects appearing both in MNR and OMR cum ICR 
form properly and the same should tally with each other.

05. In respect of once failed candidates, correct previous Roll Number with Month & year
has to be filled up both in the MNR and OMR cum ICR form.

Minimum Qualification                                                                                          

  • Regular Study upto Class X in any recognized School for Regular Candidates
  • No minimum qualification prescribed for candidates appeared under Without School Study Private Candidates.
Minimum Age                                                                                                          

  • 14+ years as on 31st August of the academic year     
Age Con-donation allowed if any                                                                        

  • Upto 1½ years by the D.E.O. 1½  to 2 years by the D.G.E., A.P., Hyderabad.
Examination Fee / Other Fee                                                                                

  • Recounting Fee Rs.150/- per subject.
  • Age condonation Fee is Rs.300/-
  • Special Fee of Rs.650/- for the Candidates of Other State candidates in addition to Attendance exemption  fee.(Notification to be referred)
  • Rs.80/- for issue of Memo of Marks /Age Certificate / Migration Certificates of any SSC Exam.
  • Rs.250/- for issue of Duplicate Pass Certificate.
  • SSC Vocational fee of Rs.60/- in addition to the SSC Exam Fee.

P.H. Candidates:                                                                                                     
  • Deaf & Dumb and Blind Candidates are exempted from payment of Exam Fee and Attendance Exemption Fee.
  • Who have 40 % and above PH percentage are only taken into PH category.
  • Deaf & Dumb candidates are exempted from writing 2 Language subjects.
  • Deaf & Dumb and Blind candidate who secure 20% & above in each subject will be declared as pass.
  • Blind candidates are eligible to take scribe ( X standard)
  • The PH Candidates shall take Prior Permission from the Director of Govt. Exams for exemption of Language subjects and other exemptions.


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